International Tax Advice

Our international tax team can help whether you are a client who is doing business internationally or planning on living outside of the UK. We can support you and your goals with international tax advice.

International Tax for individuals

UK expats moving overseas

When a UK based individual decides to move overseas, they need to consider their tax position.

Edge Tax can help clients organise their tax affairs before they move, including making the correct notifications to HMRC

Our tax experts can also advise on domicile and residence status, ongoing tax liabilities such as receiving income from UK property and non-resident capital gains tax

Residence Advice

Edge Tax has extensive practice advising individuals on their UK residence position, both when arriving in the UK from overseas, or leaving the UK. Whether this is for a fixed period, for example when on secondment, or a more permanent move.

Understanding our client’s residence position is the first step in ensuring that they are following all the correct tax obligations moving forward.  

Domicile reviews and advice

Our team is qualified in undertaking domicile reviews and advising on and individual’s domicile status.

Understanding your domicile status is important when you have interests (income, gains, or assets) overseas but are a UK resident, or for those who have previously been UK domiciled but have now severed all ties with the UK.

UK resident non-domiciles

Edge Tax has vast experience working with clients who are non-UK domiciled who may have established overseas structures as a vehicle for their assets. We are able to review such structures to ensure they are and remain fit for purpose.

We can offer support in respect of the completion of UK tax returns, advising on the relevant provisions of the doub-taxation agreement, whether or not to claim the remittance basis in any given year, and making overseas workday relief claims.


As a result of anti-avoidance legislation the opportunities for UK domiciled individuals to use offshore trusts is limited.

However, there are still tax efficiencies for UK resident non-domiciles in using offshore trusts.

Our tax team has experience in reviewing individuals existing structures to see whether they are still fit for purpose.

With ever changing legislation we believe it is always worth getting a tax expert to review your structuring to ensure it remains compliant.

Business Investment Relief

Business Investment Relief (BIR) is a potentially valuable tax relief for UK resident non-domiciled individuals looking to bring funds into the UK to invest in a qualifying trading company without triggering a taxable remittance.

For non-domiciles looking to take advantage of Business Investment Relief, care needs to be taken to ensure that the investment conditions are not breached either by the investor or the company throughout the lifetime of the investment, and that if a disposal occurs, the proceeds are either reinvested or taken offshore within the relevant time limits.

Specialist advice should be sought in all cases.

International Tax for Businesses

Expanding globally brings with it additional international tax risks and obligations. Our International Tax experts will take the time to understand your overseas ambitions. As a result, we are well placed to help you manage the risks, and guide you through the many complex international tax rules.

As HMRC imposes interest and penalties for non-compliance, it is vital your business manages its obligations effectively. We can help you do that. Furthermore, our team of international tax specialists can also advise you on:

  • Where to site your holding company and how to structure transactions between group companies
  • The structuring and deductibility of corporate debt
  • Employer services – including global mobility and secondments including short and long term overseas
  • Postings and the interaction between UK national insurance and overseas social security.

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