We’re not just a solution for individuals and businesses, our expertise extends to serving fellow professionals, including accountants and lawyers, across the UK. If, as a  small to medium sized accountancy practice, you find where it impractical to have the full range of in-house specialisms,  we can provide tailored support  .

Flexible Collaboration: Your Client, Your Choice

Your partnership with us comes with customisable collaboration options:

  • Direct Client Engagement: We interact directly with your client, providing seamless support.
  • Joint Meetings: Collaborate with us in joint client meetings, benefitting from our insights.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Support: We operate discreetly in the background, allowing you to maintain direct client contact.

Our commitment to respecting and preserving your client relationships is unwavering. Rest assured, we won’t approach your clients without your explicit instruction.

Areas we offer support

Tax Investigations

Tax investigations need not be overwhelming. Our specialised tax advisors are adept at navigating the complex landscape of tax enquiries. With us by your side, you and your clients can rest easy knowing that due process is upheld every step of the way.

Corporate Transactions

Whether you’re buying or selling businesses, planning for succession, or navigating complex corporate restructurings, our team provide essential tax guidance. We advise on various capital gains tax reliefs, reorganising business structures, preparing for sale or commercial efficiencies, and help with structuring your UK or international business.

VAT Challenges

VAT doesn’t have to be confusing. From registration to property considerations, we’re here to streamline processes and identify opportunities for VAT relief, ensuring your clients’ confidence in compliance.

Estate Planning Strategies

For families with sophisticated business and personal interests, our expertise shines. Tailored tax-efficient structures, succession planning, and inheritance tax strategies are just a few of the ways we support high net worth individuals and families.

Property Tax

Property investments offer great potential, but tax particulars can be daunting. Our experienced specialists resolve the complexities, helping you offer comprehensive tax advice to clients engaged in property ventures.

At Edge Tax, we’re not just advisors; we’re your strategic partners. With an unparalleled dedication to expertise, collaboration, and client success, we’re here to forge long lasting relationships. Connect with us today to unlock a brighter financial future.

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