There are a variety of business structures you can choose from, whether starting a business, acquiring a business, being in partnership or entering a joint venture or consortium.

The right structure can depend on a lot of factors including the business activity – trading, investing or managing assets. The structure may also depend on what you, as the business owner, are trying to achieve.

Our structuring service can assist your business to:

  • Grow and sell
  • Generate income for lifestyle or personal wealth
  • Facilitate the passing of wealth to family members
  • Manage exposure to risks
Structure your business

How Edge Tax can help

A quick conversation will identify your needs, that of the business and the suitability of structures. Once you know what the most suitable structure for your business is you will need to know how to keep that structure efficient for tax purposes.

  • Structuring your UK or international business.
  • Due diligence when buying or selling a business.
  • Reorganising your business structure to maximise tax reliefs, prepare for sale or commercial efficiencies.
  • Ensuring corporate governance and internal processes are robust.
  • Securing business for future generations.
  • Entrepreneurs’ relief from capital gains tax.
  • Your eligibility for the Enterprise Investment Schemes and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes.

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