Do I Need Inheritance Tax Advice?

Inheritance tax advisers can offer valuable insight and guidance for a wide range of financial concerns:

  • Investments, Savings, and Estate Planning: Meet your future plans head on.
  • Pensions and Retirement Income Advice: For the retirement you deserve.
  • Insurance and Protection: Ensure your finances are secure.
  • Business Advice and General Financial Planning: Avoid financial pitfalls with expert advice.

Our Inheritance Tax advisers can help you plan your estate’s inheritance tax, so your loved ones can make the most of your assets, wealth, and property. Sophisticated planning and expert legal advice are essential to make sure your estate is inheritance tax (IHT) efficient – particularly if you own businesses or foreign assets. We can advise you on how to take advantage of the complex web of IHT reliefs and exemptions and maximise the inheritance you pass on to the next generation.

IHT Consultation

Our bespoke estate planning reports are meticulously designed to unveil your current Inheritance Tax exposure. Our reports not only shed light on potential liabilities but also offer personalised pathways to mitigate them effectively.

Key IHT Considerations:

Maximising Benefits for Married Couples
Exploring Tenants in Common Arrangements
Securing a Child’s Future with Pension Boosts
Weighing Options: Limited Company vs. Personal Property Purchase
Ensuring a Smooth Transition of the Family Home
Navigating Wedding and Annual Gift Allowances

Book an Initial Consultation Now

Book an initial consultation now with either Anton Lane or Cate Jackson, both experienced authorities in the field. This session, combined with a follow-up email, is priced at £500 + VAT.

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